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See us at the Bay Bridge Boat Show April 15-18, 2021, Stevensville, MD

Come see the Presto 302 this week! Climb aboard and see why this boat generated so much excitement and won so many awards when it was first introduced.

The past year has been a tough one in a lot of ways, but 2021 is off to a promising start in many ways, beginning with the return of some boat shows. This week is the 2021 Bay Bridge Boat Show held in Stevensville, MD. The spring boat show calendar in Maryland usually included the spring sailboat show in Annapolis and the powerboat show in Sevensville, just across the Bay Bridge. With covid restrictions still making the Annapolis location a challenge, show organizers have combined sail and power at this years Bay Bridge Show.

Adventure BoatWorks will be there, displaying Gusto, a 2011 Presto 30 with the generous help of her new owner. The boat is in fantastic shape, and will give everyone at the show a real sense of the uniqueness of the design. When the Presto 30 was first introduced, the first production run saw many different small tweaks with each boat, here are some more details about Gusto:

  • Year built: 2011

  • Cabin design: The design had three versions - standard, pop-top, and pilot house. This is a slightly modified standard.

  • Enclosed head: The new production will include a standard head and holding tank; this boat is equipped with a composting head, which is certainly an option.

  • Cockpit layout. Full bench seating with the stern access door.

  • Engine: The base boat we'll offer is what this boat has - a simple 4 stroke outboard on the stern. An inboard is certainly an option.

If you in the area, come on by and say hi and we'll show you around!


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