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Bringing back the Presto 30

Walking the docks at a boat show last fall one was confronted with a sea of eurostyling sameness (wide stern, high freeboard/volume hull, condo like interiors, traditional sloop rigs). But do those boats really address the needs of today’s time crunched sailor, looking for the perfect boat for coastal adventures? That sameness reinforced the opportunity of bringing the award winning Presto 30 back into production. When first launched the Presto 30 garnered multiple awards and accolades across the sailing media, captured the imagination of many, and sold fast in the first year. The foundation of that excitement was a world renowned design pedigree and a unique concept. And so, we’re working to bring the Adventure Presto 30 back in 2020.

Design pedigree

In the last decade the Presto 30 was one of the truly unique designs introduced and came from the drawing board of world renowned designer Rodger Martin, principal of Rodger Martin Design. Known for his open style race boats and fast cruising boats, Rodger re-thought sail plans, underwater appendages, and overall design concepts after he won the commission from Outward Bound to redesign their legendary Hurricane Island open adventure sailboats. Coming off that design, there was interest in taking the same concept to the broader sailing public, namely a boat that was easy to sail, efficient in performance, shallow draft, and made for adventure.

Unique Concept

Enter the Presto 30, a shallow draft, narrow (by today’s standards), sailboat with a cat ketch rig featuring two freestanding carbon masts and wishbone booms. Everything about the design is unconventional, yet put them together and you have a boat with phenomenal overall performance and one that truly addresses sailors needs. The more you dig into the design elements (which we’ll do in future posts), the more you wonder why more sailors (and builders) don’t expand beyond what is now conventional in hull design, underwater appendages, rigs, mast material, and sail plans.

Why reintroduce it?

Talk to Rodger and he’ll tell you that the Presto 30 is his favorite design and the one he receives the most emails about from sailors. How much does he love it? Boat #1 was and still is his personal boat. Sailing in New England in the Summer and the Bahamas in the winter, Rodger and his wife spend months at a time on the boat, exploring up close, and crossing open expanses. He’ll tell you how well she handles 35 knots, and then show you a picture of her beached in the Bahamas. A true adventure sailboat.

But the real reason why we’re bringing the boat back? We want one for ourselves.

If you want to learn more about our plans, get details on specs, options, or pricing, or reserve one of the limited building slots in 2020, contact us here and we’ll give you the latest update. Keep an eye out here for more posts where we’ll dive deeper into the unique elements that make the Presto 30 one of the most interesting boats on the market.

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