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Presto 30 History

Hurricane Island 30
Hurricane Island 30
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In 2007 Rodger Martin Design was commissioned by Outward Bound to design a replacement for their aging fleet of wooden 30' open boats.  The Hurricane Island 30 was designed and a planned 15 were to be built.

That led to the development of the original Presto 30 in 2009, a cat ketch sharpie concept of which 10 were quickly built and sold.

The original sharpie featured several unique design concepts that attracted considerable attention.  The shoal draft, relatively narrow hull design, and carbon wishbone rigs created a boat that was easy to sail and could explore shallow areas.   The design characteristics resulted in a limit of vanishing stability of 145 degrees, offering a very safe boat.

While originally designed for coastal exploring and daysailing, the original Presto 30 is no slouch on the race course.  In 2011 an owner finished 2nd in Class and 4th overall in the Ft Lauderdale Key West race, while another has won it's class twice in the New England Solo/Twin race.

A design that has won numerous industry awards, the Presto 30 was an instant classic.  

Here are a few examples of awards and accolades:

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