Design Concept

The Adventure Presto 30 is fast, extremely easy to sail, trailerable, and offers simple accommodations for coastal adventures.

Designed by Rodger Martin, the Adventure Presto 30 features freestanding, self-tacking carbon wishbone rigs with square-top sails. 

The hull design was run through hydrostatic comparisons and a Velocity Prediction Program to ensure a fast, easily driven shape with a structure designed to be built to ABS standards.  The centerboard and kick-up cassette rudder offer a boat that is easily trailerable and beachable, while an outboard or optional inboard diesel offer reliable auxiliary power. 

The layout of the Presto 30 features a spacious 10' cockpit with deep seats and high combing.  The interior offers sleeping for four, an enclosed head, and a galley with sink, icebox, and small stove.  Teak trim accents the interior, but the overall concept is a clean, easy to maintain interior.

Presto 30 Cat Ketch.png

About Rodger Martin Design

"An early interest in boats (or yachts) that travel fast set the tone for the types of boat we have designed at RMYD since 1984.  We have been lucky to attract owners who really use their boats to fulfill their dreams.  I have always enjoyed working with experience owners; an almost be definition, these are owners who cannot find their "ideal" boat in the field of production boats or of used custom boats.  Our delight is in the design of finely balanced, cleanly designed, responsive boats that are pleasing to all senses.  We think of Naval Architecture as art.  It is essential to us that our designs reflect the dreams, demands & ultimate needs of their owners, rather than foisting our preferences on them.  This has been successful in that several of our clients have become life long friends, beyond the relationship forged by the creation of a boat together.  

Our goal has always been to design boats for sailors - boats that are built accurately and beautifully and used well.  I did not know when I started this design business in 1984 that it would be the clients - the people I dealt with, that would bring the greatest pleasure.  I had thought it would be the boats themselves.  Rather, it is the combination that is made when sailors use boats to achieve their greatest dreams & adventures that provides a deeply satisfying magic to both designer and owner."

- Rodger Martin, Founder

You can click here to learn more about Rodger Martin, Founder and Ross Weene, Design Engineer, at the Rodger Martin Design website.